Frein ATV EM401 pour éoliennes ENERCON

The energy market...

In paral­­lel with tradi­­tio­­nal energy markets, ATV Brakes is constantly adap­­ting to meet the expec­­ta­­tions of rene­­wable energy players. Hydroe­­lec­­tric dams, wind turbines and tidal turbines are just some of the diverse appli­­ca­­tions with constantly evol­­ving demands. ATV Brakes supports rene­­wable ener­­gies with braking solu­­tions adap­­ted from its product cata­­logue or fully deve­­lo­­ped to meet custo­­mer speci­­fi­­ca­­tions.

Partners of wind turbine manufacturers

ATV Brakes has been a part­­ner of wind turbine manu­­fac­­tu­­rers since the outset of its indus­­trial adven­­ture. To stand out from stan­­dard hydrau­­lic brake manu­­fac­­tu­­rers, ATV has deve­­lo­­ped an elec­­tro­­me­­cha­­ni­­cal brake for the gear­­less wind turbines made by the German company ENERCON. The EM401 with a capa­­city of 400KN is desi­­gned to secure main­­te­­nance access to the rotors but also to stop them in case of emer­­gency.

Treuils grand sas Ottmarsheim

Wind and water energy

ATV brakes have a role in different stages of energy produc­­tion: blocking for the main­­te­­nance of gene­­ra­­tor axis, emer­­gency stop, safety of dam gate hoists, main­­te­­nance bridges, etc. 

ATV consi­­ders all project propo­­sals, from inno­­va­­tive micro-turbine solu­­tions to the largest hydroe­­lec­­tric dams on the planet.

Barrage des 3 gorges

ATV, the partner of prestigious projects!

In the late 1990s, the Chinese manu­­fac­­tu­­rer TZ entrus­­ted ATV with the supply of 40 emer­­gency hydrau­­lic brakes for gate lifting gantry cranes in the largest hydroe­­lec­­tric plant in the world, the Three Gorges Dam.

This pres­­ti­­gious project remains to this day one of the most impor­­tant refe­­rences in the field of rene­­wable ener­­gies.