Appuie-rail ATV AP110K

60 years of experience

ATV deploys its expe­­rience to serve players in the rail­­way sector, opera­­tors, deve­­lo­­pers and manu­­fac­­tu­­rers, by provi­­ding rail stop solu­­tions, in parti­­cu­­lar for end-of-track safety. These solu­­tions are suitable for any rail­­road line, from passen­­ger trains to freight as well as trams and tram-trains. A whole range of solu­­tions from passen­­ger stations and the most sophis­­ti­­ca­­ted urban deve­­lop­­ments, to private indus­­trial networks or main­­te­­nance shops.

Innovative solutions for end-of-track safety

Sliding bumpers are light­­weight, modern and flexible solu­­tions for stop­­ping trains at the end of the track. They trans­­mit the kine­­tic energy of the train to the track via fric­­tion pads and thus avoid costly concrete blocks. The German manu­­fac­­tu­­rer RAWIE has nume­­rous refe­­rences around the world.

RATP Ligne A SDLA Chessy heurtoirs à absorption

Dampening shocks without intervention...

Shock absor­­bers moun­­ted on concrete blocks are compact and power­­ful solu­­tions, requi­­ring no inter­­­ven­­tion in case of depres­­sion.

LEBEN shock absor­­bers provide high damping perfor­­mance with excep­­tio­­nal energy absorp­­tion capa­­bi­­li­­ties, without any main­­te­­nance.

They can also be combi­­ned with sliding bumpers for the most deman­­ding appli­­ca­­tions. ATV carries out assem­­bly opera­­tions or inspec­­tions at the various phases of instal­­la­­tion of this equip­­ment.


And all ATV braking solutions...

ATV Brakes’ fail-safe rail clamps and rail supports, whether manual, hydrau­­lic or elec­­tric, are auto­­no­­mous and flexible solu­­tions to stop any rolling stock moving on rails (cranes, contai­­ner gantries, construc­­tion equip­­ment, etc.).