A wide variety of solutions...

The field of port equip­ment calls for a wide variety of braking solu­tions: for hois­ting winches, ship-to shore cranes and gantry/contai­ner cranes: diverse appli­ca­tions that require safe and inno­va­tive braking solu­tions.

Safety, a non-negotiable requirement...

The safety of port equip­ment expo­sed to bad weather is now a prio­rity for opera­tors. Over the years, ATV has deve­lo­ped a unique range of rail clamps for secu­ring port equip­ment expo­sed to storms. This compact, reliable and econo­mi­cal solu­tion has found its market in new equip­ment and reno­va­tions.

Pince-rail ATV SH300K Carfos Quai des Tellines

Cranes, gantry cranes, various port facilities, nothing but solutions...

ATV caters for large crane and gantry crane manu­fac­tu­rers as well as port faci­lity opera­tors by offe­ring solu­tions for hydrau­lic emer­gency braking, high-speed elec­tro­ma­gne­tic braking and regu­la­ted gyra­tory braking. ATV provides solu­tions for almost all of the problems encoun­te­red.

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Around the world with ATV

The port equip­ment market is largely globa­li­sed.

With its network of agents and its solid repu­ta­tion among nume­rous manu­fac­tu­rers in Europe and Asia in parti­cu­lar, ATV is able to supply its solu­tions to a large number of players in this sector.