Offshore Oil@Gas

Offshore oil&gas exploi­ta­tion uses a large number of high-tech equip­ment to which the brakes made by ATV Brakes bring their added value. ATV can provide tailo­red solu­tions for a number of appli­ca­tions, whether on the various winches on plat­forms or vessels, pipe­line tensio­ners or hoists.

Manufacturers & Operators

Manu­fac­tu­rers and opera­tors in the offshore sector typi­cally require specia­li­sed certi­fi­ca­tions, such as LR, ABS and DNV. We have the expe­rience and the ability to comply with these requi­re­ments at every stage of our service deli­very: engi­nee­ring, manu­fac­tu­ring, purcha­sing, inspec­tion, quality docu­men­ta­tion.

Pionnering spirit ATVS9SH

On board the largest ship in the world!

As a long-time supplier to the Italian offshore indus­try, ATV Brakes signed an excep­tio­nal contract in 2018 with REMAZEL for the supply of 256 cali­pers for the JLS winches on the Pionee­ring Spirit. This new equip­ment on the world’s largest ship will enable it to move “jackets”, load-bearing struc­tures on offshore plat­forms.

Treuil NFM projet BP Quad 204 Pinces DS300SH

The whole range of ATV products

  • Spring applied hydrau­lic brakes till
  • Spring applied elec­tro­ma­gne­tic brakes
  • Spring applied pneu­ma­tic disc brakes
  • Direct acting hydrau­lic brakes 
  • Spring applied hydrau­lic floa­ting cali­pers
  • Spring applied hydrau­lic dual-piston cali­pers
  • Spring applied hydrau­lic rail-clamps and brakes

A major part of the ATV product offer finds its place on offshore exploi­ta­tion plat­forms or vessels.