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ATV and major French players in nuclear energy

The nuclear energy sector is a long-stan­ding field of appli­ca­tion for ATV brakes. From the outset of the French nuclear power programme, the elec­tro­ma­gne­tic braking tech­no­logy maste­red by ATV has found its place in the most sensi­tive lifting appli­ca­tions. This is why ATV brakes are used in all EDF reac­tors in France.

Safety and Security

The hand­ling of sensi­tive elements in nuclear areas demands maxi­mum opera­ting safety as well as the shor­test possible fall-out time. The design of ATV brakes in the Elec­tro­ma­gne­tic Safety family ensures these charac­te­ris­tics. Moreo­ver, as they are main­te­nance-free, they are ideal for hot zone appli­ca­tions.

REEL pour ITER pinces ATV électromagnétiques

Lift 1,500 tonnes safely!

On behalf of the ITER Inter­na­tio­nal Research Program, the nuclear bridge manu­fac­tu­rer REEL has selec­ted ATV to secure the winches on the Toka­mak assem­bly bridges.

4 winches with 375t capa­city are equip­ped with the ATV S400SH hydrau­lic cali­pers…

… The most compact on the market for such a capa­city.

Daya-Bay #3.jpg

In France, and abroad...

Since the 1980s, ATV has been suppor­ting major French players in the nuclear sector in their export contracts.

For instance, the Daya Bay and Lingao plants in China opera­ted by CGN have been equip­ped with nume­rous hydrau­lic fail-safe brakes since they became opera­tio­nal.

This is also true for the ERPs in Taishan (China), Olki­luoto (Finland), Flaman­ville (France), Hink­ley Point (UK), with various appli­ca­tions.