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Travelling crane for Tokamak assembly ITER Cadarache

ATV Brakes cooperated with the French company REEL on ITER project in Cadarache for the supply of braking solution (service, safety and emergency) intended for 6 travelling cranes (2x50t + 4x375t). This project allowed to install floating hydraulic brakes type S which offer strong advantages in dimensions, maintenance and high braking force (400 kN). Our service included the development of bespoken hydraulic power units and required from ATV Brakes to fulfill high demanding expectations in specifications and service.
REEL pour ITER pinces ATV électromagnétiques Pinces ATV S400SH ATV114 sur levage 375t REEL ITER Cadarache
Nuclear Power
Emergency hydraulic brakes
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ITER Energy for the World - FR
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