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SNCF Arbresle (FR) - Energy-absorbing sliding buffer stop

Follo­­wing the deli­­very of 4 buffer stops for the Saint Paul rail­­way station in Lyon, atv equips the Arbresle station, near Lyon, will be equip­­ped by atv with a sliding buffer at the end of the plaf­­forms. This equip­­ment will slow down and stop safely without damages, a tram-train or a TER type rail bus that weights 80 tons and moves at a speed of 10 kph, on a distance of 2 meters with a 0,2 G dece­­le­­ra­­tion. After impact, the buffer is easily pushed back into place and ready for opera­­tion. For 20 years, ATV has been desi­­gning, manu­­fac­­tu­­ring, instal­­ling and commis­­sion­­ning a wide range of rail-braking systems for the rail­­way, indus­­trial and port envi­­ron­­ments that encom­­passes clamps, brakes and buffer stops.
Heurtoir glissant SNCF L'Arbresle1.jpg Heurtoir glissant SNCF L'Arbresle2.jpg
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