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Sluice gate winches fully equipped with a set of atv brakes

The JOSEPH PARIS Company has chosen ATV to buy brakes and couplings in order to upgrade the motorization of 'Petit Sas' and 'Grand Sas' downstream sluice gates in Ottmarsheim, on the Rhine The supply includes both DS300SH type brake callipers with their hydraulic packs for the winch drums and 4SE/450SE type callipers with couplings for the motor drive shafts. These products are equipped with the technologies required for the conditions of extreme low temperature. ATV offers a high level of expertise in the field of braking functions for maritime and fluvial ports equipments in relation to their specific conditions (reduced spaces, loads, frequencies and corrosion). For this operation, the ATV on-site team has carried out the installation of hydraulic connections between the power packs and and the safety brakes.
Treuils grand sas Ottmarsheim 2012.jpg
River equipment
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Joseph Paris - FR
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