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Port of Calais (FR) - 2 harbour cranes revamp

The ENDEL company, as a leading opera­­tor in the field of harbor equip­­ments main­­te­­nance, is in charge of the lifting equip­­ments that belongs to the Harbor Autho­­ri­­ties in Calais (Fr). For the reno­­va­­tion of two lifting cranes (22 tons/40 m and 40 tons/25 m) ENDEL chose to equip its braking func­­tions with ATV cali­­pers in repla­­ce­­ment of the exis­­ting products. From now on, 32 ATV brakes are instal­­led within the scope of the rela­­ted func­­tions (lifting of the jib, closing of the bucket and lifting, yaw, trans­­la­­tion) and ensure the safety and the avai­­la­­bity of these equip­­ments that are vital for the CCI harbors’ acti­­vi­­ties. Guaran­­teeing a full inter­­­chan­­gea­­bi­­lity with the exis­­ting brakes, the reno­­va­­tion opera­­tion enabled the instal­­la­­tion of compe­­ti­­tive tech­­ni­­cal solu­­tions that comply the opera­­tio­­nal requi­­re­­ments in term of rate, avai­­la­­bi­­lity and high perfor­­mance in a stres­­sing marine envi­­ron­­ment.
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Port equipment
Emergency hydraulic brakes
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Port de Calais - FR
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