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Port of Annaba (DZ) - 4 port cranes revamp

Revamp of 4 port cranes at the port of Annaba in Alge­ria, 4 x spring applied hydrau­lic rail-clamps SH300KCI (300 kN each) and 4 x spring applied hydrau­lic rail brakes SH200KCI (200 kN each) were deli­ve­red for secu­ring old port cranes against storms. Rail-brakes were supplied with hydrau­lic power pack built-in. ATV desi­gned speci­fic flange for allo­wing the moun­ting in place of previous non ATV rail-brakes.

Port d'Annaba Algérie.jpg
Port equipment
Rail brakes
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Port d'Annaba - DZ
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