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Marine Nationale - Toulon (FR) - Hauling winch for Barracuda submarine

The company REEL relied on ATV Brakes for equip­­ping their hauling trol­­leys with rail-brakes type SH100K and their 5t gantry cranes with spring-applied elec­­tro­­ma­­gne­­tic cali­­pers type 56SE. 

With this project, ATV Brakes demons­­trates once more his savoir-faire in provi­­ding tailo­­red rail-braking solu­­tion and this even beyond, in whole indus­­trial sectors such as defence, nuclear, offshore and port.

Our sales team and R&D do their utmost to find compre­­hen­­sive, cost-effec­­tive and crea­­tive solu­­tions for their custo­­mers.

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Rail brakes


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Naval group - FR
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