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Lürssen shipyard (DE) - Peiner crane jib luffing braking revamping

And most nota­bly for the buil­ders of ocean liners and luxury yachts. LÜRSSEN shipyards, loca­ted in the area of Bremen, has specia­li­zed on this niche, with some achie­ve­ments for weal­thy clients, among which 'Azzam’, that is the biggest private yacht in the world (with a 180 m length!). The reno­va­tion of the cranes has been entrus­ted to the local part­ner of ATV, the HELFER company, that has inte­gra­ted some 105SHCI brake calli­pers into the jib lifting winch. The cranes, as retro­fit­ted and upgra­ded to the applying norms, can conti­nue to assemble the most beau­ti­ful vessels in the world, for decades. A new outs­tan­ding refe­rence for ATV in the ports and shipyards german markets.
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