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ITER Cadarache (FR) - Tokamak assembly travelling crane

ATV Brakes coope­­­ra­­­ted with the French company REEL on ITER project in Cada­­­rache for the supply of braking solu­­­tion (service, safety and emer­­­gency) inten­­­ded for 6 travel­­­ling cranes (2×50t + 4×375t). This project allo­­­wed to install floa­­­ting hydrau­­­lic brakes type S which offer strong advan­­­tages in dimen­­­sions, main­­­te­­­nance and high braking force (400 kN). Our service inclu­­­ded the deve­­­lop­­­ment of bespo­­­ken hydrau­­­lic power units and requi­­­red from ATV Brakes to fulfill high deman­­­ding expec­­­ta­­­tions in speci­­­fi­­­ca­­­tions and service.
REEL pour ITER pinces ATV électromagnétiques Pinces ATV S400SH ATV114 sur levage 375t REEL ITER Cadarache
Nuclear Power
Emergency hydraulic brakes
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ITER Energy for the World - FR
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