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Gemak shipyard (TR) - ATV's first step

A few months after the signa­ture of a repre­sen­ta­tion contract with the company ELEKTROS in Istam­bul, a first purchase order is awar­ded to atv by GEMAK Shipyards. The shipyard esta­bli­shed in Tuzla south of Istam­bul is a major actor on the highly dyna­mic Turkish market in ship repair and buil­ding. The atv ST3SHCI rail clamp has been selec­ted by the GEMAK tech­ni­cal team thanks to its compact­ness and very exten­ded clea­rance, which make this rail brake espe­cially suitable for reno­va­tion purposes. The gantry cranes of one of the biggest floa­ting docks of the coun­try are thus secu­ri­sed in case of storm.
GEMAK Istambul.jpg
Port equipment
Rail brakes
Constructeur :
Elektros - TR
Utilisateur :
Gemak Shipyards - TR
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