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Futuroscope amusement park (FR) - Aerobar safety

Complying with its ambi­­tion to broa­­den its areas of acti­­vi­­ties, ATV deli­­ve­­red a set of fail-safe brakes to the engi­­nee­­ring company Metal­­liance, for secu­­ring the winches of the brand new skybar of the first rank amuse­­ment park Futu­­ro­­scope near Poitiers (F). These winches are fitted with 30SH-type cali­­pers that have been proving their ability and relia­­bi­­lity in safety-braking appli­­ca­­tion for many years. This project confirms ATV’s ability to adapt its offer to speci­­fic custo­­mer enqui­­ries, for a variety of acti­­vity fields and sectors, and nota­­bly in the strictly regu­­la­­ted sector of person trans­­por­­ta­­tion. ATV offers a wide range of fail-safe brakes, for a range from 9 to 400 kN braking force.
Aerobar-Futuroscope mettalliance_aerobar_30sh.jpg
Emergency hydraulic brakes
Constructeur :
Metalliance - FR
Utilisateur :
Futuroscope - FR
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