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French army (FR) - AMX 10 RCR destroyer tank

NEXTER Systems chose ATV direc­­tio­­nal brakes for the full-retro­­fit of the AMX 10 RCR tanks. ATV has been chosen follo­­wing a three-year long exten­­sive quali­­fi­­ca­­tion process to equip 260 tanks and replace the exis­­ting products, on the basis of tech­­no­­lo­­gi­­cal, project and indus­­tria­­li­­za­­tion process crite­­ria. This braking func­­tion is a parti­­cu­­larly sensi­­tive issue that deter­­mines the safety of the pilots and of equi­­pe­­ments that shall stay func­­tio­­nal at all times. ATV has desi­­gned a new product, on stan­­dard basis, that fits the requi­­re­­ments of high fric­­tio­­nal tempe­­ra­­tures (600°C & 5000 rpm), destruc­­tive vibra­­tions and redu­­ced spacing and has success­­fully demon­­tra­­ted its capa­­city to manage high-perfor­­mance testing and vali­­da­­tion process and a requi­­ring capa­­city to indus­­tria­­lise the complete deli­­ve­­red func­­tion (brakes/special discs/ther­­mal sensor/Pads).
AMX10RCR freins de direction ATV Pince 12655 Nexter AMX10RCR
Hydraulic direct acting brakes
Constructeur :
Nexter Systems - FR
Utilisateur :
French Army - FR
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