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Enercon (DE) - Wind turbines

For the very speci­­fic design of the ENERCON wind turbines, ATV deve­­lop­­ped an emer­­gency brake based on an elec­­tro­­me­­cha­­ni­­cal clam­­ping prin­­ciple. The device is mainly used to secure the main­­te­­nance access to the rotor and complies thus to the highest safety requi­­re­­metns of the Ener­­con speci­­fi­­ca­­tion. It is never­­the­­less dimen­­sio­­ned to stop the rotor at full speed if all else fails. The ATV brakes equips hundreds of wind turbines all over the world.
Frein ATV EM401 pour éoliennes ENERCON
Renewable energy
Electromechanic brakes
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