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EDF Ottmarsheim (FR) - Lock drive revamp

The JOSEPH PARIS Company has chosen ATV to buy brakes and couplings in order to upgrade the moto­­ri­­za­­tion of 'Petit Sas’ and 'Grand Sas’ downs­­tream sluice gates in Ottmar­­sheim, on the Rhine The supply includes both DS300SH type brake calli­­pers with their hydrau­­lic packs for the winch drums and 4SE/450SE type calli­­pers with couplings for the motor drive shafts. These products are equip­­ped with the tech­­no­­lo­­gies requi­­red for the condi­­tions of extreme low tempe­­ra­­ture. ATV offers a high level of exper­­tise in the field of braking func­­tions for mari­­time and fluvial ports equip­­ments in rela­­tion to their speci­­fic condi­­tions (redu­­ced spaces, loads, frequen­­cies and corro­­sion). For this opera­­tion, the ATV on-site team has carried out the instal­­la­­tion of hydrau­­lic connec­­tions between the power packs and and the safety brakes.
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River equipment
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Joseph Paris - FR
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