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EDF (FR) - Hydrokinetic turbine

ATV streng­­thens its presence on the market of the rene­­wable energy sources, by equip­­ping a new type of hydro­­ki­­ne­­tic turbine. This 500 kW turbine prefi­­gures a complete range of equip­­ments power­­ful up to 2 MW. In close close colla­­bo­­ra­­tion with the client, the atv design office intro­­du­­ced a product with a poten­­tiel braking torque of 600 kNm. Initially desi­­gned for the wind turbine market, the atv EM 401 elec­­tro-mecha­­ni­­cal brake fits natu­­rally into this fast-expan­­ding market, for which its robust­­ness and dura­­bi­­lity is a major asset. It fulfils the requi­­re­­ment for a mini­­mum 10 year-long immer­­sion of a nacelle, without main­­te­­nance inter­­­ven­­tion. The EM 401 brake will ensure both the static hold of the rotor, during changes of tides and dyna­­mic braking in case of need of an emer­­gency stop. This project illus­­trates the engi­­nee­­ring and indus­­tria­­li­­za­­tion capa­­bi­­lity of atv to support our clients’ needs, in high added-value sectors.
Hydrolienne Sabella - Frein ATV EM4001 sabella_em401.jpg
Renewable energy
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Sabella - FR
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