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Bordeaux (FR) - Chaban-Delmas vertical-lift bridge

The NFM Tech­­no­­lo­­gies Company has selec­­ted ATV to deli­­ver the service and safety brakes that will equip the lifting winches on the Chaban-Delmas bridge span in Bordeaux. The braking func­­tion consists in a set of S50 SH brakes that are control­­led by CO2R hydrau­­lic packs equip­­ped with a load-lowe­­ring system. As a member of the project, ATV assists the work­­site teams during the testing and imple­­men­­ta­­tion phases throu­­ghout the project. The ATV tech­­ni­­cians remain readily avai­­lable to provide to our custo­­mers exter­­nal trai­­ning courses, commis­­sion­­ning and assis­­tance in rela­­tion to the whole range of ATV products. ATV keeps on rein­­for­­cing its presence on high added-value projects and avai­­li­­bi­­lity along­­side the preli­­mi­­nary studies, design and project mana­­ge­­ment teams.
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River equipment
Emergency brakes range S/DS
Constructeur :
NFM Technologies - FR
Utilisateur :
Bordeaux Métropole - FR
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