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BLP Rouen (FR) - Rotation braking system revamp

As a subsi­­­diary ot the Bolloré company, BLP ranks among the leaders in the field of specia­­­li­­­zed cargo hand­­­ling. During reno­­­va­­­tion of two lifting cranes (15t/40m and 28t/21m), BLP chose to secu­­­rize the swing brake func­­­tion by substi­­­tu­­­ting ATV product to the exis­­­ting equip­­­ment that was obso­­­lete and did not comply with the safety requi­­­re­­­ments. The ATV solu­­­tion enabled to deal with a high geome­­­tric constraint and was instal­­­led without any sheet metal work. From now on 8 ATV SAI 3300 brakes (3,38 kN of effort each) ensure both safety and avai­­­li­­­bi­­­lity of equi­­­pe­­­ments that are of vital impor­­­tance for BLP Rouen. ATV offers a full range of braking solu­­­tions that allow complete inter­­­­­chan­­­gea­­­bi­­­lity, for cranes as well as for harbor gantry cranes.
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Port equipment
Spring applied disc brakes
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Bolloré - FR
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