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atv thrusters fitted on harbour cranes of the Port of Casablanca

The MARSA MAROC port operator, through a call for public tender, awarded to ATV the contract for supply of replacement thrusters for the overall installed harbour cranes that are managed on the port of Casablanca. ATV offered the ATV standard thrusters that are perfectly interchangeable with the existing EMG equipment while ensuring comparable service rate and life cycle. The bidding and order intake were led through the MECANIQUE HYDRAULIQUE DAMANE maintainer operator that has ensured the on-site mounting, when maintenance needs occurred and the cranes were available. The partnership with MHD allows ATV to be present in all the ports of the Moroccan Kingdom, making available expertises in the field of lifting and crane orientation brakes as well as in the rail-clamping design and manufacture.
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Port equipment
Drum brakes
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MH Damane - MA
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