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atv brakes fitted on a new type of hydrokinetic turbine

atv strengthens its presence on the market of the renewable energy sources, by equipping a new type of hydrokinetic turbine. This 500 kW turbine prefigures a complete range of equipments powerful up to 2 MW. In close close collaboration with the client, the atv design office introduced a product with a potentiel braking torque of 600 kNm. Initially designed for the wind turbine market, the atv EM 401 electro-mechanical brake fits naturally into this fast-expanding market, for which its robustness and durability is a major asset. It fulfils the requirement for a minimum 10 year-long immersion of a nacelle, without maintenance intervention. The EM 401 brake will ensure both the static hold of the rotor, during changes of tides and dynamic braking in case of need of an emergency stop. This project illustrates the engineering and industrialization capability of atv to support our clients' needs, in high added-value sectors.
Hydrolienne Sabella - Frein ATV EM4001
Renewable energy
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Sabella - FR
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