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ArcelorMittal Bremen (DE) - New milestone in Germany

Follo­­­wing Bran­­­den­­­burg RIVA STAHL (De) and LECH Stahl­­­werk in Bava­­­ria (De), some ATV S300SH emer­­­gency hydrau­­­lic brakes will shortly be instal­­­led at the ARCELOR MITTAL plant in Bremen (De). The steel mill crane manu­­­fac­­­tu­­­rer STALVOSS in Witten (De) will put 4 emer­­­gency brakes in place, on Loading Bridge Nr 608, in July 2012 . The S300SH model was selec­­­ted in rela­­­tion to its floa­­­ting concept that parti­­­cu­­­larly fits the opera­­­tion of heavy steel­­­works crane bridges that are conti­­­nuously subject to static and ther­­­mic distor­­­tions. Due to its speci­­­fic steel tailor-made post and cali­­­per-dedi­­­ca­­­ted micro hydrau­­­lic power pack the ATV solu­­­tion ensures a full inter­­­­­chan­­­gea­­­bi­­­lity, to Stal­­­voss, and the resul­­­ting maxi­­­mal avai­­­la­­­bi­­­lity of the crane to Arce­­­lo­­­mit­­­tal Bremen.
Stalvoss Brême double pince S300SH Pont de coulée ArcelorMittal Brême
Emergency brakes range S/DS
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Arcelormittal - DE
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