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An interchangeability of brakes on quay crane to secure the swing function

As a subsidiary ot the Bolloré company, BLP ranks among the leaders in the field of specialized cargo handling. During renovation of two lifting cranes (15t/40m and 28t/21m), BLP chose to securize the swing brake function by substituting ATV product to the existing equipment that was obsolete and did not comply with the safety requirements. The ATV solution enabled to deal with a high geometric constraint and was installed without any sheet metal work. From now on 8 ATV SAI 3300 brakes (3,38 kN of effort each) ensure both safety and availibility of equipements that are of vital importance for BLP Rouen. ATV offers a full range of braking solutions that allow complete interchangeability, for cranes as well as for harbor gantry cranes.
Bolloré Rouen SAI3300 2014 .jpg
Port equipment
Spring applied disc brakes
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Bolloré - FR
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