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AIRBUS Toulouse (FR) - A350 assembly hall overhead cranes

The ADC Company trusts ATV to equip, with safety brakes, 10 bridge cranes for the the assem­­bly halls of the A350 Airbus in Toulouse where the increa­­sed capa­­ci­­ties for assem­­bly of the A350XWB, the new long-haul plane of AIRBUS, will be housed and mana­­ged. The S60SHCI and S30SHCI type brakes offer the advan­­tage of high compact­­ness and floa­­ting moun­­ting concept that enables a side­­way rela­­tive motion of the calli­­pers and discs that are instal­­led on the lifting drums. The calli­­pers come with a hand-pump equip­­ped with a leak control system that enables safely the load-lowe­­ring process in case of drive break-down.
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General machinery
Emergency brakes range S/DS
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