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A full replacement with 100 % interchangeable brakes on two harbour cranes

The ENDEL company, as a leading operator in the field of harbor equipments maintenance, is in charge of the lifting equipments that belongs to the Harbor Authorities in Calais (Fr). For the renovation of two lifting cranes (22 tons/40 m and 40 tons/25 m) ENDEL chose to equip its braking functions with ATV calipers in replacement of the existing products. From now on, 32 ATV brakes are installed within the scope of the related functions (lifting of the jib, closing of the bucket and lifting, yaw, translation) and ensure the safety and the availabity of these equipments that are vital for the CCI harbors' activities. Guaranteeing a full interchangeability with the existing brakes, the renovation operation enabled the installation of competitive technical solutions that comply the operational requirements in term of rate, availability and high performance in a stressing marine environment.
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Port equipment
Emergency hydraulic brakes
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Port de Calais - FR
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