Pince 12655 Nexter AMX10RCR

A key partner of European defence players!

ATV Brakes is the part­ner of leading French or Euro­pean players in the field of defence. ATV brakes are suitable for a wide variety of appli­ca­tions: land-based rolling stock, propel­ler shaft braking for frigates, flight deck stabi­li­sa­tion systems, sensi­tive hand­ling, etc. The requi­re­ments of profes­sio­nals in the sector constantly chal­lenge the ATV teams in terms of inno­va­tion, quality, tracea­bi­lity, perfor­mance, service, etc.

Stop your tank!

The ATV 12655 brake cali­per equips the entire AMX10RCR fleet since the reno­va­tion of this tank by the manu­fac­tu­rer NEXTER Systems. These hydrau­lic disc brakes are stee­ring brakes moun­ted at the output of the gear­box and allow the vehicle to turn by braking the inside corne­ring wheels. The brake has been fully deve­lo­ped by ATV based on the custo­mer’s extre­mely deman­ding tech­ni­cal speci­fi­ca­tions.

Centrale hydraulique ATV114 redondante

ATV, operational performance

ATV Brakes manu­fac­tures produce complete sets of propel­ler shaft brakes for French (Naval Group) and Euro­pean naval shipyards. DADH350 hydrau­lic cali­pers have braking capa­ci­ties of 40t and are control­led by the on-board pneu­ma­tic network. These compo­nents provide mili­tary vessels with at-sea repair or inspec­tion capa­bi­li­ties that are criti­cal to their opera­tio­nal perfor­mance.

AMX10RCR freins de direction ATV

Reliability and professionalism

It’s the relia­bi­lity of ATV fail-safe brakes that make them the recom­men­ded compo­nents for all the sensi­tive appli­ca­tions offe­red by the French deterrent force. The hand­ling of nuclear missiles or fuels and their loading on surface ships or subma­rines of the French fleet are all refe­rences that show­case the profes­sio­na­lism of the ATV Brakes teams.