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ATV drum brakes are an economical alternative to disc brakes. ATV offers an extremely complete range of brakes in accordance with DIN 15435, in steel (ST range) or cast iron (NC range) design. Many specific executions are also available.

Product type :
For Ø250 mm drum
Function :
Service braking for high speed shaft
Energy :

Versions for ST250

Pad wear adjusment

Braking torque

Braking force

ST250-TH1 ST250-TH2 ST250-TH3
Braking torque:
300 Nm
400 Nm
750 Nm
Max. setting:
100 %
100 %
100 %
Min. setting:
20 %
20 %
20 %
39 kg
44 kg
46 kg
Technical sheet
Technical sheet
Technical sheet
Technical sheet
STEP file