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ATV offers a wide range of safety devices designed to secure any type of mobile port or industrial installation on rails. There are many fields of application (see references tab). Our hydraulic clamps and support rails are usually safety devices ('failsafe'), with a lack of energy: the pinch or support effort is generated by stacking spring washers. Braking is therefore guaranteed in the event of an emergency stop or power failure. The brake is opened by activating a hydraulic power station. The brake drop can be timed to intervene only after complete stop. Our electromechanical EM rail clamps are static braking devices (parking brake). The pinch force is generated by a motor coupled to a screw actuator. Finally, the floating design of the ATV clamps ensures maximum compliance, allowing to adapt to rail straightness defects. The ATV rail supports provide a security solution in cases where the rail sides are not accessible (e.g., rail poured in concrete). The rail support supports part of the weight of the system and thus provides static support through a diamond-tipped pad pressed on the top of the rail.